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Ryan and Jack finished off a little ACO drain job today. Rainwater will now drain away before it goes underneath the hut – problem solved!


Here’s a recent paddock transformation for a friend of ours… to help keep the sheep separate from the chickens and geese! And a veg patch to keep everyone fed. Not one of our bigger projects, but nice to help a friend in need!


Andy, Lee and Jack have been busy too… This project started with a small demolition ready to make way for a larger extension. The foundations have been poured and next week we move onto the next stage!


This week, we made a bungalow more accessible for an elderly lady who was beginning to struggle with steps. She was delighted with the results. She treated Ryan, Wayne and Stuart to lots of cups of tea, so they were happy too!


Busy day today… Foundations excavated & concreted;
over site dig out tomorrow & the floor slab will be done by Friday. We found a well & an underground water tank too!


We are another big step closer to finishing on the National Trust site in Corby. The roadways are done! The tarmac is down!
This leaves us with just the pathways & drainage to complete. We’re working with very small crew but the lads who are working have made some excellent progress.


A little bit of cobbling has made all the difference to this gateway we recently completed! Well done & thanks to Kempy and Mitch.


Here’s an update on the National Trust project we are working on.
We are 6 months in to the 8 month project. We’re now onto the roadways & pathways. Well done to Andy & the rest of the RMG lads for doing such a great job on this site.


Here’s some before & after pics of a patio & driveway we’ve just completed in Hinckley. Materials supplied & delivered by William Hercock Ltd.


Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s how today has gone. 240 tonnes of tarmac laid today! And on the weather front … the calm before the storm! Judging by the forecast, tomorrow won’t be quite as productive…


Here’s an update on the National Trust contract… we’ve placed 2500 tonnes of stone, the kerbs are in & we’re half way through the base course of tarmac! The other half comes in tomorrow! Andy & co are working their soggy socks off to keep this contract on schedule. Thank you & well done lads.


The team working in Birmingham have put in a massive shift today.
Six lads have laid 130 square metres this morning! Big thanks to Klay & team for your hard work.


From this…. to this….!!!!

600 square metres of block paving & kerbing DONE!

Well done to Stuart & team for an excellent job here.


We are delighted to have secured a contract with the National Trust.
Working with Palmers of Oakham Ltd, we are helping to complete a project called ‘Lyveden Reconnect’ near Corby. We are creating a 3500 square metre car park and installing new drainage systems for the new cafe area, plus all public footpaths & hard landscaping. Well done to Andy & co for getting us off to a flying start.


Wakefield site DONE.

Two dock levellers retrofitted to a factory. Huge thanks to the RMG lads who have worked on this one. There were some long days….


Klay, Bren & Lee are working up North at the moment. Working at a factory in Wakefield, they are installing two new dock levellers to enable the company to load wagons more easily. This is phase one – creating a new concrete yard to enable the forklifts to enter the factory.


This local company needed more space in their car park for lorries to unload. The sunshine finally came out just in time for the concrete to be poured, filling the 140 square metre space. Well done to the lads who worked on this one – the hard graft was completed in the rain last week.

Working in conjunction with Denmans. Concrete supplied by Hanson UK. Materials supplied by William Hercock Ltd.


Despite the horrendous weather this week, the RMG lads have ploughed on to get this drain run completed on time.
The drain run links up to the new studio outside the client’s home.
Well done to Kempy & Jack for doing such a good job in awful conditions.

Working in conjunction with Nigel Roberts Ltd & all materials supplied by William Hercock Ltd.


Another job finished off today…
We’ve been replacing a retaining wall that had failed in Leicester.


Here’s another one of our small garden projects….we finished this one today. Materials supplied by William Hercock Ltd


We’ve just completed a project in Cambridge on behalf of Milestone Communications Limited. We created a new base for a bike shed measuring 27metres by 8metres. 41 cubic metres of concrete was supplied by Hanson Aggregates Ltd. A massive well done to the RMG lads who pulled this one in ahead of schedule.


Here’s a driveway transformation we have just completed.

The workmanship here is superb.
Well done Team!


It was a trip down the M1 for some of our lads last weekend as they went to install some ACO drains in a factory in Milton Keynes.

The break out was tough as the concrete was reinforced with metal filings.
But they got the job done in the allotted time to a very high standard.


Richard & his team have been hard at work preparing for today’s 50m³ concrete pour.

This area has been excavated, waterproofed, reinforced & concreted to provide the foundation for a swimming pool.